Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I've only gone and done it!!!

A wee while ago I came across a blog called Make Something Nice where the owner had posted a promarker storage tower tutorial. I have been getting increasingly fed up rummaging around in a box for a pen which is invariably at the bottom, so I decided to give it a go. The beauty of this storage unit is that it uses up craft stash (ie A4 card stock) along with cardboard which you use to reinforce the shelves. Luckily for me my OH is obsessed with buying Vinyl music online, so I had lots of perfect packaging lying around. It took me 2 days to make and I don't think it will last forever but I am really happy with it.
One of the down sides of making the unit is that once I'd made the charts for the shelves I realised that I didn't have enough promarkers ;o)

Anyway here it is

Sssh look what's just arrived.

I won a card challenge a while ago and received Joanna Sheen vouchers as a prize, which I spent very easily I might add, anyway the service was so amazing that I popped back to her store for this lot as she had every single colour I wanted :o)

Exciting delivery it's not far off being full now!

Aye up where did they come from? lol
Oh no I feel another storage unit coming on :oO

Happy Crafting
Mel :o)


  1. That's fantastic Mel I wouldn't have had the patience.

  2. what a great job you made of it too brilliant idea and looks wonderful just a shame I am all out of space or would make one myself
    Jacki xx


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