Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week One of the craftpimp Blog Ring - featured artist Laney of Izzybeads

Time flies doesn’t it? I’ve been a member over at the craftpimp forum for almost a year. In that time I have been fortunate enough to get to know lots of very talented people. The beauty of craftpimp is that no matter what you craft there is a place for you there and people eager to offer support and appreciate what you make.

One of the talented artists I’ve had the pleasure to get to know is Laney of  "izzybeads". Laney is a lampwork glass artist and Oh Boy does she make gorgeous beads. When I first said "Hello" to Laney on craftpimp I think I called her Izzy lol, an easy mistake to make I guess but "Izzy" is actually the name of one of her dogs :o).
Laney has two dogs which she walks regularly and rarely without incident, much to the amusement of the rest of us over at craftpimp, when she regales us with her stories.

Here they are:-

Meet De-Fi and Izzy fresh from a hopefully incident free walk :o)

Laney is one talented, grounded, funny lady, although I struggle to use the word "lady" she strikes me as still being more of a girl! Her sense of humour often comes across in her work and the results are awe inspiring.

I adore the frog beads, they were the first beads of Laney’s I ever saw, so bright and cheerful and beautifully made with such an attention to detail, look at their eyes.... and the way their arms are hugging the beads, too gorgeous for words :o) and I've just bought one whoop.

Giraffe Lampwork Glass Pendant available on etsy
Laney sells her beads through her Etsy Store and through her ebay shop.

Here are some more gorgeous beads.

Easter bunny focal lampwork glass bead available on Etsy
 What a perfect Easter gift for someone you love.

Under the sea focal lampwork bead available on etsy
White Roses Ocean Blues Glass Focal Bead Set available on ebay

Bones Lampwork Glass Beads available on ebay

Laney also creates fused glass pieces, something that I am sooo jealous of as I would love to work with glass.

Set of 4 fused glass coasters available on etsy

As you can see Laney’s work is stunning, quirky and perfect in every way.

Laney also has her own blog called "Life with Izzybeads" where you can learn a bit more about her.
 One of the posts on her blog is a wonderful tutorial on how to make a super cute elephant bead "Elephant Beginnings" This is the first tutorial Laney has ever posted and is in aid of a wonderful cause. Laney and many of the other beaders on craftpimp actively support the Beads of Courage Programme, a very worthwhile cause so please click the link for more information.

When I was involved in my first craftpimp blog ring almost a year ago I didn't even know how to create links or upload photos properly. What a difference a year makes lol.
Happy Crafting.
Mel :o)


  1. *blush* I will make an extra special froggie bead just for your boy ;o) x Boys, frogs...ummm...wonders off chuntering......

  2. Here, here, Laney is a really special person....I have known her for the last 4ish years through Ebay and count her as one of my great beadie friends. Her work has grown and grown over the years and she deserves every great success in the field of lampworking. Thanks for "showcasing" her and it's nice to meet you!
    Jane x


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