Friday, 30 March 2012

Week 4 of the Craftpimp Blog Ring - featuring Jolene - Kitzbitz Glass

I had a week off last week from the craftpimp blog ring as it was my turn to be blogged about whoop, thank you ladies for all of your lovely words. :o) x

This week I would like to introduce Jolene of Kitzbitz Glass. I have been in awe of Jolene's blog for quite some time, not only is it full of glassy delights but the layout, picture quality and posts are all written so beautifully, it draws you in and makes you want to read more and more.

Jolene is the founder of the craftpimp forum a multi crafting community. Jolene is a very hard working mum of two who creates the most stunning glass beads amongst other things.
 I adore coloured glass I think it one of the most beautiful things you can look at. As a papercrafter though I don't come into contact with it as often as I'd like. Being a member of craftpimp means that I can easily get my regular fix when I look through the amazing galleries on there.

I also regularly visit Jolene's Etsy store for more glassy fixes. Jolene has beautiful beads available in her store, my favourite if I had to pick would be the aquarium beads. When you look at them they are multi layered with so many fabulous little elements to find within them quite extraordinary.

Aquarium bead - deep blue sea

Lampwork Glass Bead set - Springtime

Wow just wow look at the colour of these beads.

Etched cobalt blue lampwork bead set

   Jolene isn't just a whizz with glass, she is also known for working with polymer clay, when I first saw this bead set I had no idea what they were made from, I thought they had been painted doh. The art of making polymer canes which are then sliced to make beads etc is a remarkeable thing to watch. It reminds me a bit of how they make rock only much more intricately done.
Tattoo beads scarab disc set

Jolene has another Etsy Store where she sells glass supplies. Again I'm not a glass artist but I sooo wish I was every time I look at the gorgeous colours of twistie canes, frit, murrini and glass shards. Jolene also runs a mini mo club from this store which is :-
A monthly collection of handmade lampwork bead making supplies, beautifully coordinated and packaged and delivered to your door at the beginning of each month (for however many months you've subscribed).

Twistie cane lampwork supplies
 Jolene is very well known for her mojo boxes, they are full of beautiful colour co-ordinated glassy bits for you to play with and if you're mojo is hiding away somewhere (naughty mojo) then all the hard work is already done for you.
Eternal spring mojo box

Jolene also has a jam packed website full of really useful information about the different types off glass used in lampworking. It also has a gallery with more stunning images. You can also connect with Jolene through Facebook .

I hope you enjoyed this post all about the multi talented Jolene, lampworker extrordinaire and friend.

Happy Crafting
Mel :o) xx

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