Wednesday, 11 January 2012

There's a wealth of talent on Craftpimp

I have mentioned before on my blog about being a member of the craftpimp forum. Craft pimp is a place where almost every single type of craft is represented. There are galleries to show other members your latest projects. We have tutorials, challenges and competitions and plenty of places to go for help and support. Most of all it's a really friendly place, my life has been enriched so much since joining and I have made some wonderful friends.

The purpose of this blog post isn't just so that I can wax lyrical about craftpimp, but to showcase a couple of beautifully crafted pieces of art, which I am lucky enough to now own.

First up is a pendant necklace which the amazingly talented Lynn -  nemeton on Etsy very generously offered up as a giveaway on one of the craftpimp threads.
 I have long been a fan of Lynn's prizewinning bead work, her pieces are perfect in every way. When I was lucky enough to win the necklace I knew it was going to be special, when I opened the box I was completely blown away.

Just look at those crystals, doesn't it look amazing and I'm rubbish at taking photographs so as you can imagine it's even nicer in the flesh.

Here are a couple more pieces which are currently available in Lynn's Etsy Store


Next up are some fused glass pieces which I bought from Sam - Venus Art Glass I am a self confessed Christmas Tree Decoration fanatic, I adore them I get so much joy from finding unusual and beautiful decorations for my tree. I bought 2 sets of the decorations, one for me and one for my equally fanatical big sister. :o)

The beauty of the iridescent glass isn't coming through in the photograph as much as I'd like. I also received a gorgeous fused glass elephant sun catcher very similar to the yellow one below.
I have to confess to being a bit upset when I had to take down my Christmas Tree but am cheered by the thought that in 11 months time I get to unwrap them and marvel again at their beauty. In the meantime I have my sun catching elephant to look at, all I need now is some sun :o)

Both Lynn and Sam are members of the Etsy Craftpimp Team.

Mel :o) x


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