Saturday, 21 May 2011

Week 7 of the craft pimp blog ring, featured artist Claire of Classibags

When I first joined I subconsciously visited galleries in a particular order, that order being what interests me most as a crafter, it makes perfect sense that Claire’s knitted bags were one of the first things I saw on there. I am a huge fan of knitting and have never understood why it yoyo’s in and out of fashion so frequently. Being able to knit trendy, funky, yet functional pieces is a skill and one which Claire certainly possesses with her stunning designer bag range. Claire doesn’t just use wool for her bags either she also uses felt to create equally gorgeous statement pieces. I consider her colour choices to be both bold and beautiful.
When I started to delve a bit further I found out that Claire’s talents don’t end there she also makes jewellery. I particularly like the pendant which I have featured in my photograph choices. The pendant along with equally tempting pieces is available from Claire’s website  Clasicat. Also available on the website is Claire’s own wedding stationery.
Claire is also a self-confessed cat lover who isn’t averse to calling on her cat Ernie to help her with her work :-)
Claire has a seperate website where you can purchase her  Clasibags  and you can keep up to date with Claire via her Blog , Facebook Page , and  Twitter
This is the last craft pimp blog ring post from me so thank you for sticking with me over the last 7 weeks and a big warm welcome to my new followers. x


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Mel :o)