Sunday, 1 May 2011

Week four of the craft pimp blog ring featured artist Jolene of Kitzbitz Glass.

I was introduced to the craft pimp forum by my big sister who said “remember a few years ago when we were in my shedio making beads and I showed you my mojo box”, (which she was really excited about receiving) well “Jolene who makes them has started a forum called craft pimp, get your bum over there”, and as she’s the bossy one I did what I was told.

I have learnt so much over the last month or so thanks to Jolene. x

Jolene is a truly gifted lamp work artist who sensibly has taken a break from the torch while she carried and then delivered her little boy. During her “off torch” period Jolene has been honing her talents with polymer clay, creating some beautiful and unusual beads. I've had a wonderful time so far looking through the craft pimp forum and Jolene’s blog, to which I am a regular visitor and a huge fan, I honestly didn’t realise that polymer clay could be used to make such intricate designs. Jolene’s tattoo bead range is a fine example of this. Jolene has a wide ranging web presence so why not go on a little journey and click all of the links below. First stop  Jolene's blog then over to both etsy shops Kitzbitz etsy shop and Fritnchips etsy shop for a purchase or two then on to Like and say hello on  Facebook Follow on Twitter  and last but not least to the wonderful and inspiring visions Flickr has to offer. x

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